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LOCAL ROAD CHANGES - Update April 17, 2023
Extracts from email received by committee from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell.
I am in contact to keep you updated  on  the road changes in our local area, including the closure of Drummartin Park Road, Eden Park Road, new cycle lanes on lower Kilmacud Road, and changes to the access to Drummartin shops.  
These changes were implemented on a “temporary” trial basis by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown(DLR) County Council with a review period and potential further changes. That review period is now underway.
The DLR Council review includes collecting traffic speed and volume data, routing data (to identify rat-running), pedestrian and cycles counts, all of which will be compared with data collected before changes were implemented.
The review also includes capturing residents views, in one of two ways:
(a)     via the open public consultation phase in May 2023 – I will send you more details once confirmed
(b)    Resident association interviews
As you know these changes have had a significant impact on Rathmore and Dale roads, the volume, type and speed of traffic.
Now then is  the time to engage, be heard, and seek improvements. I will update you on details of the May public consultation phase once confirmed. I have kept Tom, Redesdale Resident Assoc chairperson updated.
I know there is keen interest in the group and by individuals in addressing speeding (looking forward to seeing the new RRA “slow” signs). So please get in touch with the committee if interested in being part of the delegation to meet with DLR on the local road changes and what could be done to address the traffic issues in Redesdale. And I would be happy to meet with the delegation before their DLR to answer your questions and maximise this opportunity.
If you have any questions on this or  any other local issue, please get in touch.  
Extracts from Newsletter circulated by Cllr. Maeve O'Connell
NEWS UPDATE • January 20, 2023
The committee received an update from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell on the amended planning application submitted to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council by Ceannabo Ltd.
In Cllr. O'Connell's observation to the amended application she highlighted the application is not consistent with current zoning, neighbourhood centre. 28 still has planning permission for 5 apartments, granted in 2020 Kilmacud'. The RRA committee also submitted their own observation.
Cllr. O'Connell received a letter from the Planning Department in DLRCOCO infroming her that 'by Order dated 18 Jan 2023 is was decided to refuse permission as outined for the reason put forward by DLRCOCO'.
1. The proposed amendments would result in a single-use residential  development being provided on the subject site which is deemed to be  materially contrary to the NC zoning objective ‘To protect, provide for  and/or improve mixed-use neighbourhood centre facilities’. Furthermore,  the proposal would also reduce the extent of non-residential uses which  could be detrimental for the amenity and vitality of the area, thus  running contrary to Policy Objectives MFC1 and RET1. The proposal would  also set an undesired precedent that could result in the requirement of  residents travelling longer distances to access necessary day-to-day  services and amenities.   [more]

NEWS UPDATE • October 2021
Increased Protection for Green Spaces
Councillor O'Connell explains the increased green space protection in more detail below.

At DLR Council tonight (Thurs 21 Oct 2021), my motions to re-zone and protect local green spaces in Kilmacud were successful.
These areas now re-zoned to zone F open space are:
  • The small traffic island on Dale Road (the site of the Redesdale Residents  Christmas tree)
  • Green space located between Anville Drive and Rathmore Avenue
  • Two parcels of green space on either side of St Kevin’s Park at its junction with  Rathmore Avenue
  • Two parcels of green space located along the western side of Marsham Court extending from its junction with Kilmacud Road Upper to the large field. [ Map ]
These areas now share the same protection, the highest level, as the much loved Field (Mullens) and the other green spaces in Kilmacud.   In addition, my motion re the green space next to 32 Dale Road was also passed. Thus this green space, currently enclosed, is now also re-zoned F, open green space.   

I identified these green areas based on my local knowledge,  local feedback, and a detailed review of the maps of the Stillorgan Ward. And I am delighted that I have been able to protect these mature trees, shrubs and hedgerows, areas where children play, neighbours meet and chat, residents and resident groups maintain, including the recent spring bulb planting afternoon.

If you have any questions on this or any other local issue, please e-mail me at maeve.oconnell@cllr.dlrcoco.ie  

Maeve O'Connell
Fine Gael
Mob: 086 851 6936

Tel: 085 125 0201
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