Redesdale Residents Association
Dublin, Ireland

Redesdale Residents Association
Dublin, Ireland
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Tree Planting
Update from meeting with Gerry Sinnott from DLR Parks Department and RRA representatives, Karen, Dinny and James.
We discussed areas of focus for trees. Gerry Sinnott will put us in contact with Brian Flemming who will come out and advise on tree planting.  
We are free to plant small plants/bulbs as we wish, and gives us the opportunity to do something with the two small green spaces at the entrance to the estate on lower Kilmacud Rd.  He suggested only planting in the space 1.5 metres from edge so grass cutters can still maintain the areas.
We mentioned tree cutting on Highridge Green and we were informed this is done on a schedule.  It was suggested we follow up using tracking number to see if they can give approx timing for work.
Karen, Dinny and James
Road Safety
With the closure of Eden Park and access to Drummartin Park being changed an increase in traffic volumes will be expected in Redesdale.
Speeding is an issue in the estate (30km  limit) and it is getting worse. Safe exiting from Highridge Green and Kilmacud Avenue onto the Upper Kilmacud Road is also a real concern as these locations are on blind corners.
The RRA are in contact with local councillors and are seeking a meeting with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown to discuss traffic calming measures.   

Mini Cleanup - Mullen’s Field / Parkland February 12th

Spring is just around the corner and we will welcome the season's new growth. The daffodil bulbs planted by the RRA in autumn should start to brighten up the small green spaces in the area.
We are planing a Spring cleanup in April, but prior to that there will be a Mini cleanup on the Mullins Field on Saturday 12th Feb, 10am to 11am.
Just arrive with a pair of gardening gloves. The RRA will have bags etc., to collect rubbish. Lets make this space an enjoyable amenity for all of us.

Closure of the Drummartin Park / Woodley junction
The following information received on Monday 10th January from Cllr, Maeve O'Connell:

I am in contact to confirm that works on the closure of the Drummartin Park/Woodley junction, other traffic calming measures on Drummartin Road, and works on the parkland at Eden Park Road have been agreed and will now commence following tonight’s Council meeting. The works on Lower Kilmacud Road have re-commenced following the Christmas break. Provisional date for completion of the Drummartin Park works is late April/May.

  • Traffic displacement onto Sweetbriar, Slieve Rua, Hazel, Rathmore and Dale Roads.
I have highlighted repeatedly to DLR that these changes will inevitably displace traffic onto our local roads. Yet local residents were never given the opportunity to input into the selection of these junctions for closure or the re-design of these junctions.

I again raised these concerns at tonight’s Council meeting approving these works. DLR confirmed to me tonight that these are “pilot” works. This means that the junction closures could be reversed. Reversal could take place where there is displacement of traffic onto our local roads.

Following my representations, DLR has agreed to formal traffic monitoring in the area, before and after these measures.

I can also confirm that DLR have confirmed that engagement with local residents, local Resident Groups and the Drummartin shops will take place on the impact of these works in the wider area. DLR have also agreed to consider further traffic calming measures where there is evidence of traffic displacement,  traffic increases and/or other negative outcomes due to these road closures.

As these works proceed, please get in touch with me regarding the effect these works are having on your area as I continue to monitor the impact on our community.

Schooldays in Stillorgan
Kilmacud Stillorgan Local History Society is delighted to announce that Schooldays in Stillorgan – Scoil Lorcán Naofa by committee member Margaret Smith is now available for sale.
The book tells of the determination of local people to establish a national school in Stillorgan village in the 1830s.  The school was located on what is now the Old Dublin Road and later moved to its present location in 1931.  Since then it has grown to meet the needs of the expanding suburb.

It contains interviews with past pupils, teachers and others associated with the school. It also casts an eye on the changes that have taken place in Stillorgan. You might be surprised to find yourself in one of its large collection of photographs.

Are you a past pupil of St Laurence’s Boys National School?  Perhaps you were a teacher, a member of the Board of Management or the Parents’ Association.  Have you an interest in primary education or in your local history?  If so, this book is for you.

The book is available from Kilmacud Stillorgan Local History Society's On-Line Shop and costs €15 plus postage and packing. The book is also now available from TODAY'S Lakeland Store, Lakelands Road. Purchases for local addresses in Kilmacud, Stillorgan and surrounding areas that can be hand delivered will have any postage paid refunded.

It is also available at South Dublin Credit Union, Lower Kilmacud Road.  It will be available at further outlets, including St Laurence’s BNS – check our website for updates.

All profits will be donated to the school
Closure of local roads to motor vehicles
The following communication received via email and leaflet drop from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell.

Last February I first communicated with you re the Councils proposal to close Eden Park Road to motor vehicles. In April, I informed you that the Drummartin Park Road may also be closed.
I now can confirm that both roads will be closed to motor vehicles, with works due to begin before the end of this year for completion by Summer 2022.I raised objections to DLR Council on the lack of public consultation on these proposals, the piecemeal approach to traffic calming in Kilmacud and highlighted the inevitable shift and increase in traffic volumes onto Sweetbriar, Slieve Rua, Rathmore, Hazel & Dale roads that will follow these road closures.
My proposal to DLR Council to adopt a whole area approach, to support the DLR Council objective to create safer communities for cycling and walking, was rejected in favour of this piecemeal approach.
Following my engagement with DLR, the Council has agreed to traffic monitoring in the area. Traffic surveys capture traffic volumes before and after the changes, and 2019 historical data pre-Covid can also be included for analysis.  This data will identify if the road closures have increased traffic volumes on our local roads, with DLR Council committed to reviewing the Eden Park junction, Drummartin Park and/or the implementation of further traffic amelioration measures in our local area. The first  traffic survey was undertaken in May 2021, with further surveys following completion of the works.
If you wish to contact me in relation to these, or any other local issues, my mobile is 086-851 6936 or e-mail moconnell@cllr.dlrcoco.ie.
Hedge Cutting Information from DLRCOCO
Below is information from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council pertaining to overgrown hedges, trees or vegetation.
It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that any vegetation on  their property is not a hazard to persons who are using the road.  Following is an exerpt from The Roads Act 1993:
(2) (a) The owner or occupier of land shall take all  reasonable steps to ensure that a tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation  on the land is not a hazard or potential hazard to persons using a  public road and that it does not obstruct or interfere with the safe use  of a public road or the maintenance of a public road.

(b) Where a tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation is a  hazard or potential hazard to persons using a public road or where it  obstructs or interferes with the safe use of a public road or with the  maintenance of a public road, a road authority may serve a notice in  writing on the owner or occupier of the land on which such tree, shrub,  hedge or other vegetation is situated requiring the preservation,  felling, cutting, lopping, trimming or removal of such tree, shrub,  hedge or other vegetation within the period stated in the notice.
If you see a hedge, tree or vegetation that is blocking the use of public roads, please contact DLRCOCO  at info@dlrcoco.ie or phone  01-2054700.

Road Closure update from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell
Dear Resident
I am writing to you this evening to update you on the Lower Kilmacud Road and nearby works.
Following a debate at Council tonight the Sea to Mountains route works will resume immediately to completion.
This will include the cycle route and associated works on the Lower Kilmacud Road between Mount Anville School and the Drummartin/Eden Park junction.  It also includes the works to close  Eden Park Road to motor vehicles and Drummartin Park to through motor vehicles.
Once the Sea to Mountain route is complete, a review of the route and the changes implemented will then be formally undertaken. This review will include a safety audit and public consultation, giving you the opportunity to give your views on the route and associated changes.
I will keep you updated on any further developments on this route and I will notify you when the route review is open to your feedback.
And please get in touch with me if you have any questions on this issue or any other local concern.
Cllr Maeve O’Connell
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
Address: 79 Slieve Rua Drive, Kilmacud, Co Dublin.
E-mail: moconnell@cllr.dlrcoco.ie
Mobile: 086 – 851 6936
Facebook: maeveoconnellfg
Twitter: MaeveOConnellFG
Mary Retires
After  24 years service under various owners, Mary Casey, St. Kevins Park calls time on work as she reached  pensionable age, or 'bus-pass age'. The store on Lakelands saw many changes during her time, she started when the store was a Londis franchise, then Clark's and finally Today's franchise. A popular person with the customers always had time for a chat and a laugh. Great banter also with suppliers especially the delivery staff. She retired Friday 2nd July 2021`and celebrated her 66th birthday on Saturday 3rd. Congratulation on extending your weekends by 5 more days.  Pictured with Mary is work colleague Rhianna, and well wisher cousin Martha and  husband Paul.
FOOTNOTE: Mary's family- Davitt -  moved into St. Kevins Park in 1952. Mary was a new addition to the family in 1955 and was doted on by brothers Michael and Desmond and of course her parents James and Theresa.

Tel: 085 125 0201
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