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DLRCOCO electrical contractors in Redesdale, Tuesday 12 January replacing street lights on Dale Road and St. Kevins Park,

We hope to see other contractors out to repair the footpaths and the roads in our area. We have made several requests to have this work done as a matter of urgency, we await DLRCOCO response.

We also got a response from DLRCOCO about our request for line markings on the roads particularly at the bends on Dale Road, They informed us white line painting cannot be carried out while temperatures are low. We await developments.
Fox News
It has recently been brought to the RRA's attention of a rat infestation in an area within Redesdale. We believe this is a result of food being left out for foxes. Foxes are by no means fussy and have one of the broadest diets of all our wild animals. They catch rabbits, rodents, birds, frogs, earthworms and will eat carrion,  while urban foxes hunt pigeons and rats and, of course, enjoy our scraps.

More than likely you have noticed we get a lot of late night visits from foxes in our area. It is a fact foxes like the suburbs and prefer areas with large gardens, and chances are they visit your garden regularly.
Generally foxes are fairly harmless, very noisy though, and will always run away when approached. Be warned, if a fox is cornered they may bite in panic, they are wild animals. They are also very nosy animals so make sure you leave no doors or windows open especially at night. Foxes are getting rid of pests such as beetles, slugs, and grubs as well as rats and mice.
A fox is very capable of foraging for food, so we would appeal to residents NOT to leave food out for them.
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