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Dublin, Ireland

Redesdale Residents Association
Dublin, Ireland
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Comments on Santa and his helpers visit to Redesdale
Sunday 12th December 2021

Comments to Paul McElroy - RRA Committee
  • Fantastic idea, something people new to the area have never seen before in terms of sense of community.
  • A real boost to people given what's going on out there.
  • Also, this is the only Santa experience many kids will have this Christmas - really appreciated by parents.
  • I am just home and my daughter was thrilled to get a visit from Santa and the elves. Thank you very much for all you put into this.

Comments to Nuala Casey - RRA Committee
  • Nuala and all residents association - Thank you for most amazing Santa walk through yesterday- was just brilliant!!! Thank you xxx
  • Hi Nuala I missed the Santa walk through but the boys were thrilled…..especially with the selection boxes which were devoured.
  • Tks Nuala, wonderful! X
  • Thanks Nuala it was great the kids enjoyed .

Residents comments on Santa and his helpers visit to Redesdale
Sunday 13th December 2020
Facebook comments:
    • Thank you all so much the children had an amazing time - Kenny
    • Thank you all, I really appreciate the time and effort that went into Santa coming to our estate  - Geraldine
    • It was brilliant on Sunday, lovely memories to have with the years we all have been through, thank you so much - Audrey
    • Brilliant idea. You still have a great community spirit in Redesdale, from an ex Dale Road resident who spent a happy childhood there  - Enda
    • Great afternoon, thank you for all your hard work - Maura
    • It was super! Well done everyone and thanks for arranging it - Eileen
    • What a lovely afternoon, my kids loved it!! Thanks so much - Elizabeth
    • Well done to all involved, it was great - Janice
    • Was just fantastic! thank you so much - Caroline
    • Brilliant, loved it, well done to Santa and his team - Hazel
    • Fantastic idea, well done! - Eve
    • It was a beautiful thing to see, well done all concerned - Shay

Comments to RRA committe members, Nuala and Karen
    • Boys were Delighted with their visit from Santa today and their selection box.. Thank you..It was so festive and uplifting.
    • Sorry we missed it, looked like it went really well. Well done Nuala and all on RRA.
    • Looked great thanks Nuala it was brilliant.!!
    • It was great - thanks so much for organising
    • It was fab! Thanks so much Nuala kids loving their surprise chocolate.
    • It was brilliant! Well done Nuala and the residents association for organising - very Christmass
    • Hi Karen, thank you and all the committee for a wonderful afternoon visit from Santa.  Really appreciate all the hard work

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