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Cllr. Maeve O'Connell - Fine Gael, hosted a virtual meeting to brief residents on the planning application for the old shop unit at 28 Dale Road, Thursday 14th May 2020. It is very important for residents of Redesdale Garden Estate and surrounding areas to view this broadcast.
The proposal is to demolish the existing structure and replace with a four-storey mixed use, retail unit and apartments. The application is posted on the DLR planning website, ref number: D20A/0295, Due to the current pandemic, the council offices are closed, and in working with reduced capacity, is slower than normal in uploading the details of the application for residents to view.

The Redesdale Residents Association would like to have youir views and opinions on this issue. Please email your comments to us here: Please note email protection is enabled on this site to protect your privacy.

Virtual meeting hosted by Cllr. Maeve O'Connell - FG, Thursday 14th May 2020
The Redesdale Residents Association has an extremely important role in looking after the interests of residents and the well being and sense of community within our area, and all aspects of community enhancement. Also when dealing with neighborhood issues that effect us all, there is strength in numbers when influencing decision makers and working with local authorities in maintaining and improving our area. upport by way of an annual subscription provides funds for the Redesdale Residents Association to operate.

If you are not a member or new to the area you might consider joining email:
We need you...
The residents association wants to enhance our local catchment area by strategically planting flowers and generally cleaning up the shrubbery and improving the aesthetics of Redesdale Garden Estate. As we head into springtime we are calling on all our neighbours to volunteer their time in carrying out this task. It is important to maintain and improve conditions in the area, and tasks such as this encourages community and social interaction for the benefit of all our families. You can email for further information.

We also need input from residents in the area for inclusion in our website. To this end we are looking for stories, current or of bygone days, current news, likewise photos, specifically old photos of the area for a 'then and now' project. The [ sample] aerial images here show Redesdale under construction in the 1950's and how it looks today in the Google Earth photo.

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