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Christmas 2020 Update

Following the great success of Santas' visit to Redesdale last Christmas, plans for this year are on hold until such time as we know what Covid levels will come into force from December.
The RRA committee chairman has been in touch with Santa's North Pole office advising his chief Elf of the problems we are experiencing at the moment.
In these unprecedented times health and safety is of paramount importance and it is Redesdale Residents Association policy to comply with whatever guidance is put forward by the health authorities and the government
As soon as more definitive information is available we will let everybody know. In the meantime CLICK the photo for a reminder of last Christmas's Santa visit.
November 2020 Update
Road Safety has always been an issue for the residents of Redesdale, particularly on Dale Road. On Monday 10th November 2020 Redesdale Residents Association (RRA) formerly emailed Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and local councillors outlining our concerns. We provided graphical statistics to further illustrate the urgent need for some form of traffic calming and road markings in our area. Full content of our email is below. We also drew DLRCOCO's attention to the condition of roads and footpaths in the area.
We received an email acknowledgement promptly from DLR as follows:
I wish to acknowledge your below correspondence and confirm it has been logged onto our Customer Relationship Management System under the reference number DLR-CRM 206637. The report of road safety issue have been brought to the attention of the Transportation Department.
In order to correctly log the report of damaged roads and footpaths, could you please provide the exact location of the damage and the type of damage, for example cracks, potholes, broken kerbs etc

With regards to damaged roads and footpaths the RRA would like to hear of any defects residents might spot. You can contact us by email:
Text of our email to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and local councillors.
"Redesdale Residents Association represents the residents of Dale Close, Dale Drive, Dale Road, St. Kevins Park, Annville Drive, Hazel Avenue, Kilmacud Avenue, Highridge Green, Rathmore Avenue and a section of the Upper Kilmacud Road.
Over the past months, we have grown increasingly concerned with the behaviour of road users within our catchment area. We note with some concern that road markings within the area are generally non-existent or faded and therefore in need of urgent attention. We also believe that additional traffic calming measures are appropriate in order to safeguard our residents and other road users.
We have observed with alarm increasing numbers of cars using the area as a “rat run” (as depicted in the attached files RatRun01A, RatRun02A, RatRun03A), which is particularly prevalent during the morning rush hour. In a large proportion of cases, motorists taking this route appear to disregard the 30 kph speed limit on our roads. This is a grave concern in an area where cars are generally parked on the sides of the road, which can obstruct the view of these motorists to small children crossing the road. Given that our area is bordered by two primary schools and has a creche at its centre. We feel a tragic incident is becoming inevitable, unless action is taken as a matter of urgency. Attached is a summary of a Traffic Flow Survey we performed on the 9th March 2020.
We have conducted some initial assessments and identified key areas of concern on Dale Road (outlined in the attached RoadMarkLoc01 and RoadMarkLoc02 files) where we believe action is required. As we are not experts in all traffic calming measures and options, we would also request that the council assess the remainder of our area for potential risks and actions also.
We trust that the council will employ the most appropriate action, however our suggestion is that, at a minimum, action be taken on Dale Road at these key areas and our suggestion is that the application of “slow” road markings and a continuous white line in these places would go a large way towards providing additional protections to all road users.
In addition to the road safety issues outlined above we are also concerned about the condition of the roads and footpaths in the area. We request DLRCOCO Roads Department conduct an inspection and carry out necessary repairs where required as a matter of urgency.
Given the restrictions currently in place, we would be happy to provide further context via email, conference call or video meeting, should it be required."
Despite the current Covid restrictions our cleanup weekend was a success with a lot of work being done in Redesdale. First up was a major assault on the perimeter of the parkland which was cleared of cans, bottles and other rubbish - indeed this area was heavily littered. Roads, laneways and open spaces in the area were also given some special attention.
Well done to all and great to have Rathmore residents as part of the event. Our area is a lot cleaner and safer thanks to your efforts.
Keep in touch, watch out for each other and stay safe.
Transition year students help in area cleanup
Local transition year students, Ali Mooney and Aoife Taylor O'Toole took great pride in their area by doing trojan work as part of their community care module. The girls said "we really enjoyed helping out in the community as part of our transition year community care module. We worked around the Redesdale area cleaning up lane-ways, kerbs and picking up litter. We were really happy to help clean up our area."
Their efforts were a great help and very much appreciated, so said Tom Daly, chairman of Redesdale Residents Association, adding it is great to see our young residents taking pride in where they live.
Well done girls. Click here to view a montage of the girls work.
The coronavirus has heavily impacted our plans so far this year. In accordance with government health and safety guidelines we were unable to organise any events over the past months, and it appears this trend will continue for some time to come. However, your committee is still very much active and has been meeting virtually and in the open-air when weather permitted. As the RRA is currently being overseen by an interim committee and with the AGM provisionally scheduled for last April cancelled because of Covid, we have decided to continue until such time as an AGM is feasible. We will keep updating the site and Facebook as needs be. The committee unanimously agreed to include Rathmore Avenue in the scope of our area. Ahead of a formal vote at AGM we plan to include Rathmore Avenue in activities going forward.

Below is a brief update of matters discussed at our virtual meeting, Tuesday 6th October.

    • Resolution of drainage issue in the lane at the rear of 28 - 32 Dale Road following complaint made by the RRA. The council advised if any future drain leakages occur the matter must be reported to Irish Water and not DLRCOCO.

    • Register the association with DLR Participation Public Network, an independent network of community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations. See

    • A community clean-up has been tentatively set for the end of October - this may be subject to change.

    • Following the great success of last year's Christmas event and Santa's visit to Redesdale, the committee is considering what might work this year. As a consequence of Covid-19 and the restrictions this imposes upon all of us, various ideas were discussed to ensure health and safety in organising such an event

    • Traffic and road safety is a major concern in Redesdale and is our priority to have the situation resolved. The matter was brought to our local representatives attention as far back as October 2019. The matter was discussed by DLRCOCO Dundrum Area Committee on 3rd February where the Chief Executive in response to a motion tabled by Cllr. Barry Saul, said, "in advance of funding for traffic calming measures, the Traffic Section proposes to introduce some low cost road safety measures into Redesdale Estate, in terms of road marking and signage, over the coming weeks".

      As we all know Covid-19 restrictions put a stop to such work being carried out. However, we are now following up with DLRCOCO as to when we can expect these measures to be put in place. Be assured this is a top priority for your committee.

    • On October 7th last year, Cllr. Maeve O'Connell also tabled a motion for road markings on Dale Road and a motion for a traffic survey on Rathmore Avenue. To our knowledge the survey was never carried out.

      In this connection we as a committee carried out a traffic survey of our own on March 9th 2020, monitoring vehicle movement entering and exiting Redesdale Estate from Upper Kilmacud Road via Kilmacud Avenue and Hazel Villas between the hours of 0700 to 0845. In that time span a total of 353 vehicle movements was tabulated.

The Open Space
An idea being mooted is to give our public open amenity space a formal name, by professionally etching a title on the rocks by 28 Dale Road. It has many informal names - The Open Space / Mullins Field / The Rock Field / The Parkland, to name some. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Your comments and views on any of the above and what we are doing is important to us. Do make contact, by email or have a chat with any of the committee. We plan to issue a newsletter in the coming fortnight.

 Keep well
Open Letter to Dublin Citizens
Open letter to the citizens of Dublin from all local councils to follow the HSE advice and guidance in these pandemic times.
Click here to read the letter

Foxy visitors
More than likely you have noticed we get a lot of late night visits from foxes in our area. It is a fact foxes like the suburbs and prefer areas with large gardens, and chances are they visit your garden regularly.
Generally foxes are fairly harmless, very noisy though, and will always run away when approached. Be warned, if a fox is cornered they may bite in panic, they are wild animals. They are also very nosy animals so make sure you leave no doors or windows open especially at night. Foxes are getting rid of pests such as beetles, slugs, and grubs as well as rats and mice.
A fox is very capable of foraging for food, so we would appeal to residents NOT to leave food out for them.
Clean-up on Dale Road
Clean-up on Dale Road, Thursday 10th Sept 2020, Redesdale Residents Association committee members Tom Daly and Paddy Loscher getting down and dirty doing a greenery clean-up. The RRA area clean-ups so far this year fell victim to Covid 19. However, for the moment we are urging residents to participate in a general clean-up in the immediate vicinity of their own residence. Bags will be made available at various locations in our catchment area. Contact us for further information: - [Photos]

Hedge Cutting
Overgrown hedges that cause an obstruction or blocking the use of public roads or footpaths must be cut back by the owner of the residence where the hedge is located. This is especially important if there is not sifficient space to allow two or more pedestrians to safely pass each other without one individual having to move on to the roadway in order to observe social distancing. If you see a hedge, tree or vegetation that is blocking the use of public roads, please contact Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council at or phone 01-2054700.

Below is an an excerpt from The Roads Act 1993
(2) (a) The owner or occupier of land shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that a tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation on the land is not a hazard or potential hazard to persons using a public road and that it does not obstruct or interfere with the safe use of a public road or the maintenance of a public road.

(b) Where a tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation is a  hazard or potential hazard to persons using a public road or where it  obstructs or interferes with the safe use of a public road or with the maintenance of a public road, a road authority may serve a notice in writing on the owner or occupier of the land on which such tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation is situated requiring the preservation, felling, cutting, lopping, trimming or removal of such tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation within the period stated in the notice.
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