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Redesdale Residents Association
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Redesdale Residents Association
Cleanup Day Saturday April 27
Works to replace ESB cables is to commence Monday May 13th and estimated to take 7 months to complete.
The following junctions will be affected:
  • Roebuck Road (adjacent to Friarsland Crescent Apartments)
  • Larchfiled / Goatstown Road junction
  • Farmhill / Goatstown Road Junction
  • Drummartin Road (south of junction with Eden Park Drive)
  • Deummartin Road / Eden Park Road Junction
Working hours will be from 7 am to 7 pm, working weekends where possible.

Summer Community BBQ,  August 26,  2023
Saturday the 26th of August did not bode well on the weather front for the Redesdale Residents Association Community Summer BBQ. Despite the few downpours the hardworking committee got everything up and running resulting in a most enjoyable and successful day.
There were events for all ages including sack races, egg and spoon races, tug-of-war (children and parents) – again this year the ladies won the parents tug-of-war. A fantastic addition to the festivities this year was laps of our expertly designed short racing circuit in a miniature BMW electric car. Other events included face painting, crafts, and lots of other games.
The BBQ was very well stocked with beef burgers, veggie burgers and sausage rolls with all the trimmings. A variety of cool ice lollies were also available and were scoffed up following all the exertions on the field.
Highlight of the day was undoubtedly the arrival of the Fire Brigade and crew. The children delighted in running in and out of the water spray from the fire hoses and in the process getting thoroughly soaked.
Our Community Gardai paid a visit and chatted to many in attendance including our seniors while enjoying a cup of tea. No doubt our elders were reminiscing about past events now running since 1956. We were lucky enough to obtain digital versions of sports days from 1956 to 1966. These can be viewed on our website: www.redesdaleresidents.org.
Many thanks to DLR for their ongoing support and their supply of equipment for the day.
Finally, a special thanks to each and every resident for supporting our Community Summer BBQ as we look forward to next year. In the meantime, we have to contact the North Pole and arrange for Santa to visit us again this year.
There have been a few robberies in our area recently on Highridge Green and Rathmore Avenue.
Securing your home is important at all times. In the months ahead if you are planning a holiday taking extra precautions is a must.

Below is very good advice posted on the Garda website (https://www.garda.ie/en/crime-prevention/securing-your-home/) especially if using social media while away.

If you are going on holiday and your home is going to be vacant, be mindful of what you post on social media. Even if you have enabled strict privacy settings, your holiday plans could be shared with unscrupulous people.
• Don't post status updates about your holidays while still away.
• Don't post pictures while you're away.
• Respect other people’s privacy, don't tag others while you and they are on holidays.
• Avoid posting upcoming travel plans.
• Consider turning off the location sharing setting of your phone's camera app.

Important details on the public consultation for the recent works on the Lower Kilmacud Road, closure of Eden Park and Drummartin Park roads
* * * * * *
Taking-in-charge of laneways in Redesdale
* * * * * *
28 DALE ROAD - A for sale sign went up on 28 Dale Road this morning. Spotted by an RRA committee member.
* * * * * *
Road changes in our area, update from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell
* * * * * *
CAR THEFTS - The committee have just been informed that there were a number of car break-ins in the Kilmacud area over weekend.
Unlocked cars being targeted.  Thieves ransack cars looking for valuables.
Front door cameras have recorded the individuals and Gardai in Dundrum are investigating.
REMEMBER physical check on all doors and windows to homes and cars is so important.

Redesdale Residents Association
Community Quiz Night
A huge turnout for our first quiz night, great support from the community and by all accounts everyone had a fun time.

[ more ]

Mini Clean-Up in Redesdale by some of the residents, this morning, Saturday 28th Janaury.
The first of 2023 keeping our area tidy. Click on the thumbnail pics for larger vew.
The committee received an update from Cllr. Maeve O'Connell on the amended planning application submitted to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council by Ceannabo Ltd.
In Cllr. O'Connell's observation to the amended application she highlighted the application is not consistent with current zoning, neighbourhood centre. 28 still has planning permission for 5 apartments, granted in 2020 Kilmacud'. The RRA committee also submitted their own observation.
Cllr. O'Connell received a letter from the Planning Department in DLRCOCO infroming her that 'by Order dated 18 Jan 2023 is was decided to refuse permission as outined for the reason put forward by DLRCOCO'.
1. The proposed amendments would result in a single-use residential  development being provided on the subject site which is deemed to be  materially contrary to the NC zoning objective ‘To protect, provide for  and/or improve mixed-use neighbourhood centre facilities’. Furthermore,  the proposal would also reduce the extent of non-residential uses which  could be detrimental for the amenity and vitality of the area, thus  running contrary to Policy Objectives MFC1 and RET1. The proposal would  also set an undesired precedent that could result in the requirement of  residents travelling longer distances to access necessary day-to-day  services and amenities.   [more]   

With on-line shopping now the norm, AN Post advice is to always think twice before clicking on any unexpected emails or texts you are unsure about. Specifically messages such as the one in the photo.
AN Post have more detailed advice here.
Stay safe and vigilant over the coming weeks, Make sure your homes and cars are firmly secured.
Let's look out for each other, especially our more elderly residents who can find getting out and about difficult in these dark and cold times.
Wishing everybody in the area a Hearty Christmas and Healthy New Year.
There has been a number of thefts from cars recently. Below are a few preventative tips:
  • Lock your car at all times
  • Do a physical check to ensure central locking is active
  • Do not leave any valuables or clothing visible in your car
  • If you have a DashCam activate the motion sensor
With the Christmas holiday season fast approaching and the darker evenings it is important to take steps to ensure personal and property safety over this winter season.
Be aware also of on-line scams sent via email to laptops, desktops and mobile devices. The following is some good advice from our Community Garda and An Post.

Halloween decorations in Redesdale...
Spot-Prize winners on Dale Road, Dale Drive, Dale Close, Rathmore Ave, St. Kevin's Park, Anville Drive, Hazel Ave
Highridge Green and Upper Kilmacud Road have been chosen. Prizes on the way.
View our photo slide show here..
Ceannabo Ltd have submitted a planning application with amendments to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for the development of 28 Dale Road following the rejection of the first application and a subsequent appeal to An Bord Pleanala.
Permission was given by An Bord Pleanala subject to amendments being made to the original planning application.
View Ferreira Architects cover letter dated October 5th, 2022, can be viewed HERE
More comprehensive information on the planning applications can be viewed on DLRCOCO website:
Original planning appication: D20A/0295
Amended planning applicationL D22A/0476

At the Redesdale Residents Association annual general meeting on May 16th, the majority of the residents in attendance expressed great concern about the traffic flow and speed of motor vehicles in Redesdale.

What we have done:
  • We have been corresponding with DLRCOCO Road Safety as well as our local councillors about the speeding issue.
  • We have purchased SLOW DOWN reminders that are strategically placed to encourage speed reduction.
  • TRAFFIC WARDEN cut-outs have also been placed at key speeding locations around the estate.
What we are asking you to do:
  •  We ask that all residents and visitors observe the speed limit of 30 kph in the estate, particularly when approaching and leaving the vicinity of the Dale Academy and when coming around bends.
  • By doing this we can all prevent an accident waiting to happen, perhaps involving a child.

Operation Tombola is a nationwide policing plan by An Garda Síochána  focused on the prevention and detection of the sale of fireworks and associated public order and anti-social behaviour issues during the Halloween period.
If you notice the stockpiling of wood, for bonfire purposes, in the locality contact either Dundrum Garda station 01-6665600 or DLRCC 01-2054700. Also, secure your bins as Halloween nears, a number of bins were bonfired last year.s in Redesdale.
The public are encouraged to report stockpiling or smouldering bins to the Council by calling 1800 403 503 or 01 6778844 after hours / weekends or use their website report page.

The  Redesdale Resident's Association Summer Event on Saturday, August 20th  proved to be a huge success. Enormous positive sentiment received from  neighbours, young and not so young. One older person said they haven't seen this kind of community spirit for years. Some photos from the days activities, - here. A short video will be posted here shortly.
The committee would like to thank the following for their generous support and sponsorship of our Summer Event:
FLEMING'S BUTCHERS, Drummartin • TOTAL HEALTH PHARMACY, Drummartin • READS DIRECT, Stillorgan • PEPSI CO, Rob Behan • TWO MUGS, Rathmore Ave, also the generous support of so many in our community.

Two documents held by the former Redesdale Residents Association. One being a sketch plan of Redesdale Garden Estate, apparently drawn by  P M O'Sullivan, 16 Anville Drive. The second is a sketch of a proposed front boundary and entrance to the Mullens Field / The Rockfield, never erected. The source of these documents is unknown to the current RRA. View images
Below is an update on matters discussed at our committee meeting on Monday 27th June.
    A sub-committee has been put in place to organise this years SUMMER EVENT scheduled to take place on Saturday August 20th.. Our last summer event was in August 2019 and as you all know Covid put a stop to any such events until this year. Some great ideas were discussed and our dedicated sub-committee will be working hard over the next few weeks to bring it all together to make the event a fun and enjoyable day. Further details will be announced later. View some photos of our 2019 event here.

    We have been assigned a community garda from Blackrock Garda Station on a temporary basis. Our area is normally covered by Dundrum Garda Station, who at this time do not have enough resources to provide a permanent community garda, this will be resolved in due course. In the meantime, we are in the process of setting up the neighbourhood watch and text alert systems. This will take some time as there is a fair bit of paperwork involved. Further details will be announced later. Click here to view a Garda Crime Prevention Information Sheet focusing on personal safety and holiday security.

    We have organised a Mini Cleanup for Monday July 4th, meeting in the Rockfield at 7pm. We would ask as many residents as possible turn up to help. We will disperse to various roads within our catchment area.
At the RRA annual general meeting on May 16th, the majority of the residents in attendance expressed great concern about the traffic flow and speed of motor vehicles in Redesdale. We also highlighted the need for road markings at the bend on Dale Road and at Dale Acedemy. We were happy to see this was done however, we now notice that these markings have faded and in need of a re-paint.
The speeding issue and road markings has always been very high on the associations list of priorities since it's revival in June 2019. We have been corresponding with DLRCOCO Road Safety as well as our local councillors about the matter.
In March 2020 we carried out our own traffic flow survey and submitted it to DLRCOCO. The response to our non-scientific survey was somewhat negative as indicated by the DLROCOC traffic section stating; based off your survey it would be impossible to establish the number of cars that are using this as a rat run and which cars are residents. Notwithstanding this the traffic volumes recorded are quite low with an average of 3.4 cars/min and a peak of 5 cars/min.
For seven days in May 2021 DLRCOCO conducted vehicular speed surveys with cameras on Rathmore Ave northbound / southbound and the setup on Dale Road and Kilmacud Ave. You can view the results for Rathmore and Dale Road here. You will notice the speeds are over the 30kmh limit.
With the closing of Drummartin Park and Eden Park to through traffic it is expected this will divert more vehicles from the Upper Kilmacud Road through Redesdale. When the works have been completed DLRCOCO will conduct a further traffic flow survey in September 2022 in order to monitor the change in the traffic flow.
Because of the concern expressed by residents at the AGM and the publication of results of the DLRCOCO Septmeber traffic flow survey, we have decided to take the initiative and try to have motorists obey the speed limit especially on Rathmore Ave and Dale Road. We have purchased  SLOW DOWN reminders to be strategically placed to encourage speed reduction.
The cutouts stand at over 1.8m (6ft tall) and .9m (3ft wide), they are digitally printed and finished in a matt laminate, which means that they can be washed many times over, and the laminate helps protect the print from the rain,  sun and road dirt. They are made from heavy duty 10mm corriboard (correx) and contour cut to the shape of the sign.
We have given the printers specific instructions to produce the cutouts as per our design. We expect to take delivery by the end of the week.
Click image to enlarge

The community weekend Spring Clean-up on Saturday April 2nd was a great success.
There was a great turnout of residents, young and old, with everybody doing trojan work.
Work stations were assigned to those present by 'Top-man Tom', while 'Barrow-man Paul' was spotted roaming Redesdale with his supercharged wheelbarrow gathering the rubbish.
After the work was done, refreshments by way of tea, coffee and confections was nicely prepared by 'Paddy the caterer'
The day proved to be a great opportunity for neighbours to meet and chat while tidying up our shared spaces.
CLICK HERE to view some photos.
The committee received the first report of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council traffic movement and speed surveys in Redesdale. The surveys were carried out over 7 days in May 2021, at locations on Sweetbriar Lane, Rathmore Avenue and Dale Road. One survey monitored vehicular movement by way of a portable traffic counter designed for  short-term surveys on multiple locations low volume roads. The second survey monitored vehicular speed by using strategically place cameras. [photos]
Cllr Maeve O'Connell discussed the report with RRA commenting, 'the surveys will prompt more questions and is of limited use without more analysis and the follow-up survey, but may reassure residents that yes, speed is an issue, and that DLRCOCO are now fully aware of the problem'. Cllr O'Connell assured the committee that she will follow up to ensure the second survey is undertaken, data analysed and shared with residents and DLRCOCO engage with RRA and residents to address outcomes of that analysis.

Speed Survey
The volumes of vehicles were low (less than 1000 per day) a positive, but this was during work-from-home, so less commuter traffic than in “normal” times.
Speeds would be higher than the desired 30kph but the low volume may explain why the speeds might be higher.
These are average results so: volumes might be highest and the speeds lowest around the traditional commuting/rat-running times  - thus speeding by commuters not an issue, or volumes could be lowest and the speeds highest at night and during the day, and thus locals who know how to navigate the area.

A more detailed analysis needs to be done to identify time of high speeds, high volumes etc.
This analysis does not include the “camera” data, which was to identify level of “rat-running”  
It needs to be read in conjunction with the secondary survey, which will only be done after all the local works are complete i.e. Drummartin Park/Woodley junction closures, Eden Park closure, and road works on Lower Kilmacud Road.
Saturday, February 12th - Redesdale Residents Association mini clean-up day - great support from residents and committee members.
With nice hot cups of tea and coffee when work was done...
Following on from the mini clean-up, remember when walking your dog to always 'SCOOP THE POOP'
Mini cleanup photos
One item in particular from the Local Policing Forum (LPF) attended by the RRA chair, Wednesday 9th, that the Garda superintendent wanted to be passed on.
There has been a spate of car break-ins of late in the greater area. In fact, some cars didn't need to be broken into as they were left unlocked.
Make sure your car is locked and keys are kept out of sight in the home. Also, it is advisable not to keep remote electronic key fobs on your hall table or anywhere in proximity to your front door. A handy tip would be to keep electronic keys in a small tin/metal box - this would prevent intending thieves cloning the data on your fob.

After what has been a difficult couple of years there is a welcome sense of positivity in the air. As we return to life with fewer restrictions there is an opportunity to reignite some of our community activities during 2022 and this is where you come in!
The committee would welcome your views on the type of events you would like to see this year. Have you ideas for a summer event?  Is there something you would like to see happening in the area?  Do share your suggestions with us on email (committee@redesdaleresidents.org) and keep your eye out for opportunities to get involved and become active in our community.
The Gardening Crew are readying themselves for action in the Spring, they will be on a recruitment drive over the coming weeks for volunteers. The level of commitment is totally up to you so don’t be shy to put your name down!
Due to the unprecedented times, there was no membership subscription collected in 2021 however the 2022 household subscription (€20) is now due.
It just remains for me to say, WELCOME BACK! To all new residents a very warm welcome.
Tom Daly
€20Support by way of an annual subscription provides funds for the Redesdale Residents Association (RRA) to operate. Subscriptions cover recurring costs such as insurance, community events, printing, website hosting fees and general administration.
Membership is open to all residents in our catchment area and runs for the full calendar year.
The subscription for the coming year is €20. Payment can be made to any committee member / road representative by cash or cheque. You can also pay directly into the RRA bank account: IBAN IE07AIBK93357014759031.
Please make sure to put your house number and road on the Transaction Narrative. If using IBAN please inform a committee member. A paper receipt will be issued for all subs received.
SANTA'S VISIT - community involvement
The committee would like to acknowledge Two Mugs, O'Dwyers, Total Healthcare and Dale Academy for supporting Santa's walkabout along with anonymous generous  contributions received. A big thank you for the voluntary involvement on the day from residents.

In these difficult times Santa's visit on December 12th was a great distraction. A big thank you to Jo Behan, a medical professional who acted as Covid supervisor on the day.
SANTA'S WALKABOUT 2021 - Karen Devine reports
Santa’s Christmas walkabout proved to be a resounding success again this year.  He was delighted to see so many happy smiling faces of all ages, everyone waving furiously at him as he walked through the roads of Redesdale. The delight on the children’s faces was a joy to behold, fun and laughter was the order of the day.
With his helpers, Santa delivered presents to lots of children in the area and there were treats for some of our older residents also.
Santa was very proud of the enthusiasm and fun his helpers portrayed as they walked with him through Redesdale
Did anyone spot the reindeer riding around on a Honda 50?
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