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A Christmas Visitor
As a consequence of Covid 19, Redesdale Residents Association (RRA) was unable to organise any community events during 2020. However, Christmas was the exception as Santa and his helpers paid us a visit and took a walk around Redesdale meeting the children and handing out small gifts. View residents comments here.

Christmas has passed but it is important we highlight the delight and joy Santa's walk-about in the community created. Feedback from parents was widespread and fulsome in praise of the event.  You can view our Photo Slideshow by clicking here and the video here.

News Update - January 2021
Road markings update 5th January 2021
Email received from DLRCOCO - details below:
I refer to your request for an update regarding road markings. To lay road markings the road conditions need to be dry and greater than 5oC. For that reason it is extremely difficult to renew road markings in winter and while our contractor endeavours to progress through the works it is a very unproductive time of year. I would also note that there is a backlog of work that we are currently trying to clear so the renewal of road markings may take longer than usual.

Road and Footpath repairs
We have followed up our November correspondence with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council concerning the repair of roads and footpaths in the area. The email response was: "I wish to acknowledge your email, I will add this information onto the CRM 208214 for the attention of our Roads department".  We will update this information when we receive further communications from DLRCOCO.

We still await a definitive response to our request for new and upgrade roadmarkings.

News Update - December 2020
28 Dale Road re-development
Following observations submitted by the RRA to An Bord Pleanála concerning the Ceannabo Limited appeal to the same body following the rejection by DLRCOCO to plans submitted for the demolition and redevelopment of 28 Dale Road. An Bord Pleanála have granted permission for the proposed development in accordance with the plans and particulars based on the reasons and considerations under and subject to conditions. This matter will be top of the agenda at the next RRA committe meeting later this month.

The full content of An Bord Planeála's report received by RRA are available to residents - please email us: committe@redesdaleresidents.org and we will send you the documents in PDF format.

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