Redesdale Residents Association
Dublin, Ireland

Redesdale Residents Association
Dublin, Ireland
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NEWS UPDATE • October 2022
I brought this motion to a recent council meeting (after first highlighting the issue with the council during an on-site visit of Redesdale laneways I arranged in 2020): “That the Chief Executive prioritize the goal of examining laneways not in control of the Council presently in the Dale Road/Redesdale Estate area off the Lower Kilmacud Road and to instigate active efforts to aim to take these in charge as a means of ensuring that future maintenance and cleaning etc. of same can be undertaken by the Council”. In response to my recommendations made the council decided that the Taking in Charge of certain laneways in Redesdale Estate will be included in the 2023 Taking in Charge Programme. Given the significant number of laneways that are not in charge within the estate, the council advises that this will involve extensive investigation works such as into their legal status, current condition and financial implications of upgrading the laneways, so it may take a number of years before all laneways would be taken in charge but it is aimed to begin the process in 2023.

Enhanced Bus Frequency
Following my enquiries, the National Transport Authority have confirmed to me that there will be an enhanced bus frequency for what is currently the 75 bus route which will now typically serve stops on the Upper Kilmacud Road every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. This should begin by the end of December. The name of the route is set to change to the 'L25' route and will travel from Dún Laoghaire to Dundrum (with onward connections at Dundrum to other destinations along the existing 75 route).

I have been liaising with a commercial operator SIRO to encourage the installation of ultrafast broadband within the area including Redesdale next year and so far these discussions have been positive. I will continue to encourage the rollout of such services in Redesdale which would be in the realm of 2 GB per second.

Cllr. John Kennedy
Fine Gael
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