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Redesdale Residents Association
Redesdale Residents Association
Redesdale Residents Association
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Selection of short videos of events and dash-cam footage of the area

Redesdale Sports Days
1956 • 1960 • 1961 • 1962 • 1963 • 1964
While reading through the old minutes book of the first Redesdale Residents Association, estalished in June 1950, we discovered the following entries for the meeting held on 30th July 1956. Mention was made of the sports day thus confirming the sports sub committee of the association were the organisers for the year 1956. We are not yet certain as to who organised subsequent sports days. Extracts from the 1956 minutes below.

The videos below cover the years 1956 and 1960 to 1964 and filmed with an 8mm camera, later converted to VHS tape and more recently to digital format. We do not know who filmed the event, but we will endeavour to find out. In the meantime, please have a look at the videos. If anyone can identify the years for each of the six parts, please let us know.
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