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A little incident at 47 Dale Road in 1950
Paddy Loscher, Rathmore - 6th June 2019
My dad Paddy Loscher and Sarah had moved in to Dale Road and my dads brother and his wife were coming to visit to see the new house. After tea my dad suggested he would bring his brother Clem for a pint of Guinness to Bolands in Stillorgan, (O' Dwyers had not been built yet). The ladies agreed but warned the lads to be back before midnight or they would be locked out as they were staying the night.

The lads got absolutely hammered and arrived back to Dale Road well past midnight only to find the front door locked. If you look at the Dale road houses you will see a small balcony spanning every two houses over the front doors and under the window to the small bedroom. My dad got his brother to give him a bunt up on to the balcony made possible by standing on the window box, (long gone). The small window in the bedroom was open and Paddy was able to reach down to the handle on the big window and get in to the house with a big grin and a thumbs up to his brother.

Paddy goes down the stairs to open the front door and meets Mrs Kelly his neighbor coming up the stairs only to find out he had got into the wrong house!  Rita (Mrs Kelly) wanted to know what he was doing in her house. I have no idea what happened after that, but I know they remained the best of neighbors for the following 50 years. Knowing my mum she would have laughed herself sick as she always had a great sense on humour. Could you imagine getting away with that today.
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