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Site Notice - 28 Dale Road
A Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council SITE NOTICE has been placed on 28 Dale Road indicating Ceannabo Ltd intend to apply for planning permission to re-develop the site. Read a summary of the notice column over, or click here to view the original.
One can't help but wonder if this could be a forerunner for other site re-developments in the future, even Mullens field. Redesdale Residents Association will apply for copies of the planning application from DLRCOCO, and will also be submitting our observations to the Planning Authority for consideration.
We would ask all residents to comment on this matter -  comment here.

Site notice summary...
1. Demolition of existing two storey building
2. Construction of a four storey mixed-use development, comprising retail and residential use as follows:
(a) retail unit at ground floor level
(b) 1 one-bed apartment at ground floor level, 1 one-bed apartment at first floor level
(c) 1 three-bed duplex unit at first and second floor level
(d) 1 three-bed duplex unit at second and third floor level
Each unit to be provided with private amenity space, comprising balcony or terrace.....
Click here to view the observations of Cllr. Maeve O'Connell

General Information on Planning Applications
The Citizens Information web site has lots of helpful information on how to support or object to a planning application with a local authority.

View Planning Application details for 28 Dale Road, Stillorgan, search reference D20A/0295.

Final date for submission of an observation is 29 June 2020

General guidelines for submitting an observation:
  • You must make your submission about planning applications in writing to the local authority where the application was made (in this case it’s Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Planning Authority, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin)
  • Please quote the planning application's reference number D20A/0295
  • You must also provide your own name and address to which any correspondence  relating to the application should be sent
  • Email address, if any, of the person or body making the submission/observation.
  • Ensure the above details are legible and the submission/observation is signed and dated.
  • Submissions do not have to be long or full of jargon - however any submission made must be supported by reasonable grounds of support or objection
  • A Fee of €20 must be paid for any submission
Please note: The Redesdale Residents Association submission counts as one single submission.  If you wish to support or object to the planning application for 28 Dale Road you should make your own individual submission.
Any comments must be based on planning considerations, not on personal likes, dislikes or grievances.

Our reasons for objecting are based on the following concerns:
  • Over development of site, imposing building, size of development
  • Height and design of building out of keeping and character with current buildings in the area
  • Overlooking existing residential properties
  • Traffic safety
  • Parking provision is substandard for a proposed building of this size
  • Negative impact on residential area
  • Proposed retail unit will attract more vehicles in an already busy area
  • Drainage considerations
  • Noise and disturbance during construction phase
  • Change of use to retail
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