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Clean-up on Dale Road, Thursday 10th Sept 2020, Redesdale Residents Association committee members Tom Daly and Paddy Loscher getting down and dirty doing a greenery clean-up. The RRA area clean-ups so far this year fell victim to Covid 19. However, for the moment we are urging residents to participate in a general clean-up in the immediate vicinity of their own residence. Bags will be made available at various locations in our catchment area. Contact us for further information: - [Photos]
The proposal is to demolish the existing structure and replace with a four-storey mixed use, retail unit and apartments. The application is posted on the DLR planning website, ref number: D20A/0295, Due to the current pandemic, the council offices are closed, and in working with reduced capacity, is slower than normal in uploading the details of the application for residents to view.
The Redesdale Residents Association would like to have youir views and opinions on this issue. Please email your comments to us here: Please note email protection is enabled on this site to protect your privacy. Some guidelines to help composing an objection, read here.

Redesdale Estate, Kilmacud.  

At a meeting of Dundrum Area Committe on 3rd February 2020, councillor Barry Saul requested an update from the Chief Executive on the promised provision of new road markings and safety improvements in Redesdale Estate. Below is the response to his request.
The Traffic Section noted that there is no specific budget for traffic calming measures in the 2019 Council Capital Programme. However it is envisaged that estates which weren't considered for inclusion in 2017 for the Special 30Km/hr. Speed Limit Zones will be identified later in 2019 with a view to considering them for inclusion in the next round of the Special Speed Limit Bye laws.
This will include Redesdale Estate. As part of this consideration all traffic calming measures suggestions by the residents will be included in the assessment, with the view to undertaking such works when funding becomes available.
In advance of funding for traffic calming measures, the Traffic Section proposes to introduce some low cost road safety measures into Redesdale Estate, in terms of road markings and signage, over the coming weeks, when the weather improves.
The road marking issue was also raised by councillor Maeve O'Connell, specifically for Dale Road, on 7th October 2019. She was informed the re-line of the existing road markings on Dale Road will be included in the Road Markings Contrctor's work list.
In reply to another item od concern, the Chief Executive informed councillor O'Connell, the Traffic Section will undertake a traffic speed and volume survey on Rathmore Avenue, as soon as resource allow.
We conducted our own traffic movement survey on Monday 9th March, targeting Kilmacud Avenue and Hazel Villas - click here for results
Planning permission refusal - appealed
Ceannabo Limited have lodged an appeal with An Bord Pleanala as a consequence of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils refusal to grant permission for the demolition of the existing 28 Dale Road building with a view to constructing a four story mixed use development.
Residents who objected to the original planning application should automatically receive notification of the appeal.
You can read the full text of the developers appeal to An Bord Pleanala by clicking here
Useful info from Cllr Maeve O'Connell

If you need to avail of assistance from An Garda Síochána in Blackrock an email should be forwarded to the District Office at To read more, [More]

 Airfield Estate are interested to hear from organisations that are in need of hot meals or hot meal supplies during the current Covid-19. Airfield Estate have a broad range of skills and facilities would be delighted to help out in any way they can. To get in touch, please email Aislinn Barrett at

An Garda Síochána have warned that fraudsters may exploit the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus to carry out various types of scams. The three types of fraud to look out for:
          1. Phising / Smishing / Vishing
         2. Fraudulent Selling / Trading
         3. Social Engineering Scams

Please read here for more information on how you can protect yourself. If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime contact your local Garda Station.
Although we hope that you and your family will not need to ever undergo testing for Covid-19, it is important to keep track of all your social interactions, including those of your close family members. Keeping a list of people you have been in contact with in the last days and their contact details would help the contact tracing teams in their efforts, should there ever be a need to do this. Again, we hope no one will need to self-isolate but there is merit in keeping track of all your social interactions on an ongoing basis.  [More]

Motions put down for discussion at a meeting of Dundrum Area Committee on the 7th October 2019. Motions put forward refer to Mullens Field,  Laneways in Redesdale Garden Estate and Traffic issues, all relevant to Redesdale Residents Association catchment area.
Motion: Councillor B. Saul
"That the Chief Executive initiate the taking in charge of the open space between Marsham Court and the Redesdale estate (known locally as Mullens Field). To note the history behind this site in relation to the proposed transfer of this site from the ownership of the local residents to Dublin County Council."

The Parks and Landscape Section have carried out an initial assessment of the site. The area is a located at the rear of houses and is accessible via several laneways, three of which provide vehicular access to numerous garages and there is a maintained grassed route crossing through the centre of the site which appears to link laneways for vehicular access. There is no formal boundary to the laneways where they adjoin the open space area. There has been considerable dumping of materials over, approximately 75% of the site. As this is largely overgrown it is impossible, from a visual inspection, to see exactly what has been dumped but it appears to contain a ignificant amount of builder’s rubble and green-waste. As the laneways provide direct access into the area, this has facilitated dumping. The remaining area appears to be gardened by residents who may have acquired rights.
On three sides, it is flanked by rear garden walls, sheds or garages, with pedestrian and vehicular doors, which access the laneways that run along rear garden walls. One side adjoins the public open space in Marsham Court currently divided by a substantial good quality hedgerow which is the only mature vegetation on the site.
The site is back-land. It is not overlooked and does not have the potential to be overlooked to the extent which would enable it to become public open space where people would be comfortable to access it for recreational purposes. Its potential as a public open space is limited by its location, seclusion, configuration and the surface rock which is quite visible renders it poor for planting opportunities. It would absorb considerable resources to convert to public open space which would have a very limited value to the wider community given the constraints outlined.
The land is Zoned Objective F in the County Development Plan – To preserve and provide for open space with ancillary active recreational amenities. The Property Management Section have advised that it is not in Council ownership and that there is no file on this site. Therefore, the Council does not have information on the history referred to.

Owner: Helena McGorman, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent

Question: Councillor M. O’Connell
“To ask the Chief Executive to re-line the road markings on Dale Road, Kilmacud and state when this will be done?”
The Traffic Section will include the re-line of the existing road markings on Dale Road, Kilmacud, on the Council’s Road Markings Contractor’s work list.
Owner: Padraig Watters, Senior Executive Engineer, Traffic & Road Safety Section  

Question: Councillor M. O’Connell
“To ask the Chief Executive to carry out a traffic survey for speed and volume of traffic movements on Rathmore Road, Kilmacud?”
The Traffic Section will undertake a traffic speeds and volumes survey, as requested, on Rathmore Road, Kilmacud, as soon as resources allow.

Owner: Padraig Watters, Senior Executive Engineer, Traffic & Road Safety Section  

Motion: Councillor J. Kennedy

"That the Chief Executive prioritize the goal of examining laneways not in control of the Council presently in the Dale Road/Redesdale Estate area off the Lower Kilmacud Road and to instigate active efforts to aim to take these in charge as a means of ensuring that future maintenance and cleaning etc. of same can be undertaken by the Council."
From an examination of the roads schedule for the County, there is a significant length of laneway not taken in charge within the Redesdale Estate. The laneways are generally cul de sacs providing access to the rear or sides of houses within the estate. However, in considering the taking in charge of a road in accordance with Section 11(1)(b) of the Roads Act, 1993, the following must be considered:
11(1)(b) “Where a Road Authority proposes to declare a road to be a public road it shall:
      • satisfy itself that the road is of general public utility,
      • consider the financial implications for the authority of the proposed declaration."
In many instances, the laneways are serving only a relatively small number of houses and have informal road surfaces that would require significant remedial and improvement works. This is complicated by the fact that public lighting is present in many of the laneways and managed and maintained by DLR. Often, the public lights are co-located with ESB Networks columns and responsibility for these lights passed to DLR from ESB Networks who previously had control all of the public lighting across DLR and the country, generally.
It's not a straightforward matter and further work will be carried out by the relevant sections in DLR, including Road Maintenance and Public Lighting sections, to examine in further detail the extent of the laneways not taken in charge, their legal status, our obligations as a Council, general public utility, current condition and the financial implications of upgrading the laneways - and works required - to bring up to the necessary taking in charge standard.
The procedure for formally taking a road in charge is a reserved function under section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993.
Owner: Robert Burns, Senior Engineer, Municipal Services
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